Category B + E

The letters B+E refer to the categories on your driving licence that let you know what sort of vehicles you’re legally allowed to drive. You may be restricted to smaller caravans or trailers if you don’t have the right categories on your licence.

As a general rule of thumb if you passed your car test after 01/01/1997 then you will be restricted to towing a 3/4 tonne trailer and if you wish to tow greater than that you will need to take a towing test, Once completed will be allowed to tow up to 3.5 tonnes providing the towing vehicle is legally allowed to do so.


The B+E test is conducted at a DSA vehicle driving test centre with an off road manoeuvring area.

The test lasts about 90 minutes. A HIGH standard of driving is required to pass this test.

At the start of the test you may be required to carry out an eye sight test, you will also be required to answer up to 5 questions relating to the safety and loading.

You will then drive onto the manoeuvring area and complete the reversing exercise.

After this you will drive in varying roads and traffic conditions including motorways where possible, complete uphill, downhill and angled starts and demonstrate a high standard of driving throughout.

Back at the test centre you will then un-couple the trailer. You are then required to re-couple the trailer safely.


We at WTTS Driver Training use a Volvo V70 5 speed manual vehicle and a twin axle trailer which makes the reversing exercise much easier.