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Terms and Conditions

1.  The terms and conditions listed below form a contract between the “Customer” undertaking any training course and WTTS Driver Training “The Company”

2. All Course fees must be paid in full or agreement otherwise before Training commences, unless agreed in advance All deposits paid to the company are subject to clause 14.

3a. Course cancellations must be made in writing to WTTS Driver Training and sent by recorded delivery to arrive no later than Four working Weeks prior to commencement of the course.
3b. Cancellations made with less than 4 weeks’ notice will incur a 100% charge, cancellations made with more than 4 weeks notice will receive a full refund less any expenses.

4. The company cannot be held responsible for a practical test being cancelled by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). In the event of the DSA cancelling a test we will endeavour to supply a test as soon as possible at no cost to the trainee, however if the trainee has used all of their training time they will be subject to the cost of any further training but not the test fee.

5. In the event of a mechanical breakdown the company will provide the equivalent lost time tuition at no extra cost, and accepts no financial penalty i.e. loss of wages in respect of this condition but all cases will be looked upon on an individual basis.

6. The customer must be in possession of a legal driving license before commencement of the course. The company accepts no responsibility for customers who have not complied with these requirements and all deposits and course fees paid will be non-refundable.

7. The company reserves the right to terminate any person whilst on their course that they consider to be a danger to themselves and the public without loss to the company.

8. Should the customer miss any days training on their course for whatever reason (including sickness Clause 20.) the company reserves the right to withhold all monies paid but each case will be looked at on an individual basis.

9. The company cannot guarantee to the customer that they will use the same vehicle for training or re-testing although the company will endeavour to keep you in the same vehicle for the duration of the course.

10. The company cannot be held responsible for any loss of personal effects the customer may leave in the vehicle or on company premises.

11. The customer must produce to the practical test driving examiner current valid driving license, In date Theory pass Certificates and in date 3a Pass Certificate on the day of the test. Failure to do so will result in the course being terminated.  All course fees paid will be non-refundable.

12. All trainees should be physically fit and have good eyesight, if glasses are worn they should be used for training and the test. (the DSA reserves the right to cancel any test if the trainee should be wearing glasses/ contact lenses and are not unless they can produce medical evidence stating they no longer need glasses) and if cancelled will be subject to any further costs.

13. The company reserve the right to terminate the course should the customer be suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the duration of their training and all course fees will be non-refundable.

14. Deposits are returned at the discretion of the company dependent on customer circumstance and only if a recorded letter is received requesting this prior to the course commencing as per condition 3a

15. The company operates a NO SMOKING policy in all training vehicles and whilst on DSA test sites. There is no exception to this rule.

16. The customer is responsible for their own PPE whilst on training courses. You will need to bring Hivis Tabard/Vest.

17. It is the customers responsibility to wear appropriate foot wear whist training (we recommend flat soled boots/shoes not boots/shoes with a high heel)

18. Drivers CPC (periodic training 35 hours) will only be uplifted once the course has been completed and only if payment has been received in full, failure to pay in full prior to the course commencing will result in no uplift being recorded.


19. Due to the Covid-19 virus all trainees will be required to wear a face covering at all times. Failure to turn up with out one will result in no training going ahead and will result in forfeiture of that training slot.

We aim to keep your serve and our staff safe at all times.


20. 2022: COVID-19 Positive cases Health & Sickness: If the candidate is of COVID positive Or ill health  and it's likely to have an effect on training or cause spread of illness then we reserve the right at our discretion to cancel training. We will be unable to train and present trainees for test if they are knowingly positive with COVID. Unfortunately we cannot indemnify the course cost. 

If you are in doubt please contact our team and they will advise the current status of training, unfortunately we cannot indemnify the course costs and any training that cannot go ahead will be considered under our cancelations terms as above. however please discuss with the team and if we can accommodate the course to another student we would always endeavour to do so but this cannot be guaranteed based on short notice.

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